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After badly hurting my lower back a couple of times trying to deadlift on my own, I realized that I needed to get some professional instruction before trying again. I found Jesse online, and after I met with him and explained my situation, he came up with a plan to safely prepare me to deadlift again.


We started with basic conditioning, then over the course of a few months we went through single-leg kettlebell deadlifts, trap bar deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, and finally got back to barbell deadlifts when I was ready. During this ramp-up, Jesse helped me get my form sorted out, and also helped me build back my confidence. He helped me push myself the right amount: enough to get stronger but not enough to overdo it and hurt my back again. When I originally hurt my back (pre-Jesse), I was attempting to deadlift ~150 pounds.


Now, after working with Jesse for a couple of years, I am deadlifting 400+ pounds with no back pain whatsoever. Jesse is a great trainer. He's very encouraging and easily adapts his plans to what you need. He's also an excellent resource for fitness information, and is constantly reading research papers and sharing what he learns.

Evan M

About 10 years ago I was out of shape and overweight. As the working mom of two boys I had put myself on the back burner for a lot of years. That was until I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, for the second time. I knew it was time to stop ignoring my lack of fitness and make some changes. I am proud to say I was Jesse's first client. He helped me undo my old school ideas of exercise and nutrition and gently guided my fitness routine. I lost over 50 pounds and have kept it off for over 5 years. I am hooked, and feel great. Thank You Jesse for all your help. You are the best!


Jesse is smart, thoughtful, engaging, and really good at what he does. Style and methods are always the question with new personal trainers, but Jesse is confident in his knowledge, easy going, and really sincere. I had no doubts about Jesse's understanding of my needs and training methods to achieve my goals.


I have been training with Jesse for the last two years and I feel super lucky to have him as my trainer. He is extremely encouraging and supportive and has pushed me to get better about taking care of my body and eating right. He is super passionate about helping people and you can feel it when training with him. Not only is he an amazing trainer but he is also a wonderful human being. I always come out feeling more positive and motivated after a training session with Jesse. I have referred several people to Jesse and everyone has only amazing things to say. Thank you so much, Jesse, you are the best!


I've been working out with Jesse for almost 2 years now. I think the best part of the experience is the infinite calm and positivity that Jesse projects into the workouts. Every session he is confident that you can improve and do better even if you aren't.

I started with Jesse because I was unhappy that I wasn't able to do some physical activities anymore. I had never been a gym person, never did sports. The whole experience was foreign to me. Fast forward two years and I cannot imagine stopping. I am objectively stronger and fitter than I have ever been in my entire life. Working out is a part of my life in a way I didn't expect it to be. I don't think I would have gotten to that point without the relentless encouragement from Jesse.

This is all in addition to his clear excitement about evidence-based methods for improving fitness and his knowledge about what works and what is just a fad."

Chris M

I had a fantastic time working out with Jesse. I trained with him for over a year with some friends and we all loved the whole experience. He was pretty tough on us, always pushing us to do better and always had a great mix of circuit training, weights and cardio so we wouldn't get bored with the same routine.


He made sure to regularly check with us what our focus areas are and devised a routine accordingly. Ever cheerful and always kept us motivated - definitely helped me meet my fitness goals! Super awesome trainer!!


I've been training with Jesse for over eight months and I can't say enough good things. A close friend had invited me to go to a session with her, and frankly I agreed out of politeness. One session later, I was hooked. Several sessions later, I was awkwardly asking friends and family to feel my arm muscle. Jesse is very encouraging, and helps me set realistic goals that are suited to me as an individual. He pushes me to work hard and achieve results. Thanks to Jesse, I look forward to going to the gym.


Jesse has incredible work ethic and knowledge of fitness and health. He has been fantastic to work with and I would strongly recommend him for anyone looking to get into shape without question. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


This review is long overdue! I came to Jesse with two main goals - reduce my fat percentage and see visible muscle definition. And after over a year of working out with Jesse I can say that he delivered on both! I saw a 3% decrease in my body fat percentage and i feel great about myself. I love the way Jesse approaches his classes, listening to what i want but at the same time being strict when he needs to to get the results. I trained with him as a group as well as one-on-one and I can tell that he adapts to make the best of each others' time. I've learnt a lot of how my body works and continue to workout on my own time based on his inputs!.


When an injury to my psoas and hip flexor kept me from my true love, disc golf, I did not think I would ever walk the links again. That was until I was referred to Jesse by a friend. Jesse’s exercise prescription and flexibility regimen gave me strength through range of motion that I did not have before my injury and more importantly he gave me back my love of the game. This experience changed the way I think about exercise and truly changed my life. I could not recommend his services more highly!


I have had the pleasure of Jesse presenting to my students in my Fundamentals of Athletic Injury Management class at CSUMB. He is engaging, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about helping people get fit and healthy. My students have loved his presentations.
Jesse really knows what it takes to help his clients with their goals. He listens, understands what you want, and will provide you with a program tailored to your needs. You will not be disappointed.

Ken Howat MA AT-ret

My only concern was we were off to a slow start. I didn't know we'd spend so much time on the fundamentals, but now I understand why we did what we did. I've lost 10+ inches and have gained strength in the deadlift, squat, push, and pull lifts.



Jesse is really smart, but he still has the willingness and humility to learn/adapt his own instructions, which reinforces his professionalism and credibility as a personal trainer.


I really enjoy working out with Jesse. I've been training with him for about 2 years and have noticed a big change it how much weight I can handle and how many reps I am able to do. He is also flexible with my schedule and very accommodating. If you are looking for someone to keep you motivated, but who isn't mean, I highly recommend Jesse.


Jesse does a supurb in identifying the needs of the individual and then designing a custom program to accomplish your desired goal. His enthusiasm and can do attitude is contagious and makes the journey to success fun and rewarding.


Jesse is one of the most skilled personal trainers I have ever worked with. He's up to date with current evidence-based training techniques. He uses low weight, heavy resistance training techniques limiting the potential for injury and optimizing performance. The guy is your next favorite personal trainer. I recommend Jesse to all of my friends and family.

Ryne F, DC

Jesse is the best trainer in Northern California! Not only is he professional, inspirational and motivational but he keeps his sessions fun and rewarding. When working with Jesse you get someone on your side. He is invested in every aspect of your goals and will not stop until you've reached them. If you choose to work with Jesse you will not be sorry!!


Jesse was a breeze to work with. Told him exactly what I wanted for my boyfriends birthday present and he took my boyfriend for a mountain biking day, that boyfriend raved about!!! They had so much fun and that was exactly what I wanted. Thank you Jesse for being so easy and great to work with!


He is awesome to work with! Jesse is great at what he does! I have been working with him for the past month and I have seen tremendous gains! Flexible, knowledgeable, motivating and just great all around guy! 


I have trained with Jesse for many years. He has helped me recover from injuries and build strength and range of motion to avoid future injuries. He is not a typical, single-focus practitioner, rather he took the time to understand me as a whole and addressed all aspects of health and motivation



Jesse is passionate about health and helps to improve functionality as well developing strength. Very knowledgeable about modern training methods and constantly reading scientific articles to expand his abilities. Familiar with multiple health disciplines to provide a well-rounded approach. Highly recommended


I really enjoyed my session with Jesse! He is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. The excitement he had made the experience that much better!


Jesse is Very professional! You can tell he cares a lot about his work and his clients. All in all he's a stand up guy and if your looking for a phenomenal personal trainer I can't think of anyone else I'd rather go to!


Breaking through the stereotype of the typical personal trainer, Jesse Snyder gets his clients’ the results they want – period.


With his background as an athlete, coach, and academic exercise scientist; you can rest assured knowing that Jesse stays on the cutting edge of fitness science. This allows Jesse to fine tune what makes you feel good while giving you the look you’ve always dreamed of.


Don’t be fooled by his mellow demeanor because Jesse is relentless when it comes to his clients’ successes. Jesse has mentored with some of the best in the business with internships and experiences under Athletic Trainers, Strength Coaches, Registered Dieticians, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Sports Psychologists.


Within the fitness arena, he’s enabled people with spinal herniation’s and knee sprains to dead-lift in order to gain strength and muscle pain-free. Working as a team, he has helped overweight clients take back their health by working together to create sustainable pathways for longevity and freedom. 

Jesse accepts nothing less than greatness from himself and those who surround him. He is on a non-stop, some would say obsessive, journey to bring others to their full potential.

If you’re ready to work with someone who can give you the world class training you deserve, come find Jesse.

Evolution Trainers 

Jesse Snyder is a highly educated, dedicated and motivated trainer committed to getting his clients’ the results they want. In his effort to become the best he can be, Jesse has mentored with some of the best in the business with internships and experiences under Athletic Trainers, Strength Coaches, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Registered Dieticians, and Sports Psychologists. Jesse’s age, his energy, and his positive outlook make him even at a young age a successful trainer in the high paced Silicon Valley. To Jesse exercise is a gateway and opportunity to all interested in making lasting lifestyle changes.


I highly recommend PT with Jesse as he not only provides a great service and is highly knowledgeable but also truly cares about his clientele and their individual needs.


Jesse is very motivating and makes working out fun!


I met Jesse in undergrad at Oregon State University when he was working on his degree. He is very well educated and articulate. Jesse has assisted me with my work as a personal trainer and has given very good insights about various topics in the fitness industry.


Highly recommend! Very professional, and concerned with providing the best experience for his clients.


Jesse is very dedicated to fitness and to helping others succeed where they could not before .


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