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After badly hurting my lower back a couple of times trying to deadlift on my own, I realized that I needed to get some professional instruction before trying again. I found Jesse online, and after I met with him and explained my situation, he came up with a plan to safely prepare me to deadlift again.


During this ramp-up, Jesse helped me get my form sorted out, and also helped me build back my confidence. He helped me push myself the right amount: enough to get stronger but not enough to overdo it and hurt my back again. When I originally hurt my back (pre-Jesse), I was attempting to deadlift ~150 pounds.


Now, after working with Jesse for a couple of years, I am deadlifting 400+ pounds with no back pain whatsoever. Jesse is a great trainer. He's very encouraging and easily adapts his plans to what you need. He's also an excellent resource for fitness information, and is constantly reading research papers and sharing what he learns.

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Ina, 55

I have been training with Jesse for the last two years and I feel super lucky to have him as my trainer.


He is extremely encouraging and supportive and has pushed me to get better about taking care of my body and eating right.


He is super passionate about helping people and you can feel it when training with him.


Not only is he an amazing trainer but he is also a wonderful human being. I always come out feeling more positive and motivated after a training session with Jesse.


I have referred several people to Jesse and everyone has only amazing things to say. Thank you so much, Jesse, you are the best!

Chris, 38

I've been working out with Jesse for almost 2 years now. I think the best part of the experience is the infinite calm and positivity that Jesse projects into the workouts. Every session he is confident that you can improve and do better even if you aren't.

I started with Jesse because I was unhappy that I wasn't able to do some physical activities anymore. I had never been a gym person, never did sports. The whole experience was foreign to me. Fast forward two years and I cannot imagine stopping. I am objectively stronger and fitter than I have ever been in my entire life. Working out is a part of my life in a way I didn't expect it to be. I don't think I would have gotten to that point without the relentless encouragement from Jesse.

This is all in addition to his clear excitement about evidence-based methods for improving fitness and his knowledge about what works and what is just a fad.

Megan, 31

I've been training with Jesse for over eight months and I can't say enough good things. A close friend had invited me to go to a session with her, and frankly I agreed out of politeness.


One session later, I was hooked.


Several sessions later, I was awkwardly asking friends and family to feel my arm muscle.


Jesse is very encouraging, and helps me set realistic goals that are suited to me as an individual. He pushes me to work hard and achieve results. Thanks to Jesse, I look forward to going to the gym.

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